... and now for a little commercial work.

Caroline is a yoga instructor at Tovami Yoga, a place that I always say saved my life and sanity after a bad back incident that left me in bed for 30 days.

Through the studio I have met some beautiful souls. Caroline in no exception. So when she said she needed some new images for her website I was thrilled to work with her! She had seen my work with Tovami as the photographer on contract and wanted to snag some images of her new studio and of her.

In addition to yoga she also is certified in Integrated Positional Technique (IPT). To read more about this amazing therapy and to see more work in action, head over to her site at www.yogaadjust.com.

Here’s a few images from her site…

2019 ... ready to rock with 10 year anniversary minis...!

What can I say? A house move, a house sale, commercial shoots and in-home shoots and a crazy 3.5 year old are the top reasons I have been ‘blog light’ these days!

That said, consider this my late new year’s resolution as I get back on track this week highlighting my kick off to 2019 clients.

I really do have the best ones, you know ;)

After 10 YEARS (yes I capped, bolded, and italicized that!) of being in business, I still get butterflies when I walk into a client’s home. It’s because I take what I do so dang seriously, because to me, it’s very serious. I’m in charge of capturing memories. Period end of story. OK well maybe not the end of the story, but that really is it in a nutshell.

There is no better feeling in my line of work to hear people say ‘your images from 6,7,8 years ago are STILL my favorites of my children.’ It’s my fuel to keep going and shooting and providing history for not only my adult clients but even more so the clients that will one day be adults and may have forgotten their greatest Lego achievement, or their favorite book in 4th grade or that they crinkled their nose when they smiled.

That’s my job. PRESERVE it for them.

OK enough words… image time!

I was thrilled to be back in this home after not seeing them for a while.

As always, dance party ensued, new hip hop moves were on display and they rushed to show me their latest treasures… I am blessed.



Welcome to New York.

The email was extremely promising that hit my inbox from Robin + Renee, a married photographer couple from Arizona: "We are looking to bring our kiddos out to NYC for a week in July.  We have been searching high and low for a photographer with your style...  We love the edgy, urban, grit vibe of your street photography and are hoping you’d be able to plop our family right down in the middle of it!"

Street + family?! HECK YES. What I didn't expect was it would turn out to be one of my most treasured sessions I have ever shot. When you shoot other photographers and their family it's nerve-wracking but MAN did they let me do my thing. 

From Grand Central, to Time Square, all the way downtown to Chinatown/Little Italy (via subway of course!) we got a true slice of NYC life captured for their rad family forever.

Come, experience NYC with them!

(NOTE: the last shot was THE last shot I took. I was in awe of how much love and closeness there is in this family, to the point there was not one single disagreement that took place. I was thinking 'dang, I only have two kids and this is so not how it would go down.' And then, a gelato disagreement occurred and as one Mom got into it a bit with the daughter, the other Mom did exactly what we all feel when a little drama unfolds. Ahhhhh, yes. Reality. Best part? The Moms adore and APPRECIATE this shot and I'm pretty much betting it makes their wall!!!)