Downtown. jennifer tonetti spellman ny photographer

The trips are intentional, the shooting even more so. My NYC escapes to street shoot outside of my own neighborhood have become an insatiable need, not even a 'want' anymore.

Headed into the city a few weeks ago and this is what I saw.... a mix of people/color/structure and texture.

Represented: West Village | Soho | Little Italy | Chinatown

(sidebar: I was so happy recently when dear Photographer recognized my street work. If you missed the piece, click HERE.)




Harlem world ... jennifer tonetti spellman ny street photographer


I pass by it every time I go into Manhattan but this time, I got off the train.

The history. The people. The culture. The faith. The color. Seriously, the color.

You truly never know a part of the city until you walk it.

You smell the smells, see those living there and hear some of the stories. Most notably the Lenox Lounge, a bar that opened in 1939 and was home to Billie Holiday, Miles Davis and other jazz legends. People stop, stare and talk.

A rarity in the fast paced city.

Take the tour with me.  Welcome to Harlem.


Harlem, thank you.


snow day ... jennifer tonetti spellman westchester county NY children's photographer

Fist shoot of the New Year, first massive snow storm of the New Year and first time filming this family.

What a great way to kick off 2017.

Also, I'd be remiss to note this family is all about music, which makes my heart so happy. There was a constant soundtrack in this shoot hence the dancing busting out literally at every turn and I will admit I think I lost a few shots from laughing so hard.

Come inside...