us ... by Molly Flanagan.

To be able to see how others see your life, your family, your home.

It's what I provide to my clients, but never before has it been provided to me.

There was only 1 person to do that 'job.' The very gifted Molly Flanagan.

For you see, she is a true documentarian. She doesn't switch things around in your home. She doesn't worry about 'resting' faces. She doesn't drag you to pretty light to get the shot.

She shoots your life.. as it is.

And when our life was about to drastically change, I reached out.

And cross country she came.

Literally the day after I came home from the hospital, there was the knock at the door at 8am.  A bit overwhelmed by the entire situation of new life, all of us a bit bleary-eyed, our 'new' story began.

Come watch Molly tell it like only her eye could.