Every year when I visit Morgan, I wonder what her Mom will greet me with regarding news of her battle with Dravet Syndrome. Dravet Syndrome is a form of childhood epilepsy. Seizures and meds and constant care are a staple of Morgan and her family's life.

I started filming Morgan before she was even 1 year old. Her Mom's words still, after all these years, are burned in my brain: 'Just get a shot of her with her eyes open. It's all I want.' Reason this was so difficult was because of the massive amounts of drugs Morgan was on to try and control her seizures.

I remember thinking 'My gosh, please let me be able to capture this, PLEASE.'  Thankfully I was able to and our relationship continued to grow year after year.

Now Morgan is receiving alternative care so it's not as challenging to capture her eyes open but we still work real hard, both me and Mom to ensure her spirit is captured.

And the big news on Morgan? School! A few days a week Morgan gets on a bus and away she goes to experience the world. Unreal.

After I showed Morgan's Mom Kate this session, she wrote me and said this was her favorite session ever and we both thought the same thing since she seemed so super aware I was there... 'What is Morgan thinking? It seems like she KNOWS now that the camera is on her!' 

We may never know what Morgan thinks when I shoot, but I know my mind is always focused in on how strong she and her Mom and Dad are and how blessed I am to be invited back each year to capture her true warrior spirit.