My visual love letter to the streets of Italy ... jennifer tonetti spellman ny street photographer

May 2016- It was supposed to be our 10 year anniversary 'trip of a lifetime.' We were less than one month away from boarding a flight to Italy when my back blew out.

I had to spend nearly a month getting it to work again: laying flat, getting injections, epidurals, heating pads, medicated pads, etc. I couldn't even hold my 8 month old let alone think about boarding the 8 hour flight to Italy.

Then 2017 came and so did the '10+1' trip.

From the standpoint of my street work, I am happy it went down the way it did. A year ago I had just started to share my love of street publically, but now as many of you may have noticed, my 5 year street passion that I kept under wraps is being sung from the rooftops and as with any genre you shoot, I had another year of tuning my eye under my belt.

I was so depressed when we left. I cannot wait to go back and next time spend a bit more time in Naples and visit Piedmont, the two areas of my heritage.  And drink more wine of course. It's crap over here (a fact I never knew until I tasted it there!)

Here's Italy in the exact order of cities we visited and the way I saw it. I filmed my own snaps of all the beauty for my personal album and then tried to film the non-tourist shots and went for the meat of each city and the people in it for my street work.






Thanks for taking a peek and if you like my street work, I'd love to have you pop onto my Instagram street page where I've been spending a heck of a lot of time lately. Hope to see you there. x -j