jts storytelling session

2019 ... ready to rock with 10 year anniversary minis...!

What can I say? A house move, a house sale, commercial shoots and in-home shoots and a crazy 3.5 year old are the top reasons I have been ‘blog light’ these days!

That said, consider this my late new year’s resolution as I get back on track this week highlighting my kick off to 2019 clients.

I really do have the best ones, you know ;)

After 10 YEARS (yes I capped, bolded, and italicized that!) of being in business, I still get butterflies when I walk into a client’s home. It’s because I take what I do so dang seriously, because to me, it’s very serious. I’m in charge of capturing memories. Period end of story. OK well maybe not the end of the story, but that really is it in a nutshell.

There is no better feeling in my line of work to hear people say ‘your images from 6,7,8 years ago are STILL my favorites of my children.’ It’s my fuel to keep going and shooting and providing history for not only my adult clients but even more so the clients that will one day be adults and may have forgotten their greatest Lego achievement, or their favorite book in 4th grade or that they crinkled their nose when they smiled.

That’s my job. PRESERVE it for them.

OK enough words… image time!

I was thrilled to be back in this home after not seeing them for a while.

As always, dance party ensued, new hip hop moves were on display and they rushed to show me their latest treasures… I am blessed.




I always know I'm going to have mega fun at sessions with kids because they are just the best in my book. Filled with wonder, stories, and emotions they could care less about letting out!

This little girl was so animated and so 'fancy' she cracked me up from the moment I met her. Just look at her reaction when Dad revealed her boyfriend was a pro wrestler ;) (see below)...priceless. 

Come along inside their home for my latest in-home mini.



Back in time.

It hadn't been since the fundraiser I ran for my little client with Dravet Syndrome (Morgan's Minis) that I last saw this little (now not so little!) man!

Many years ago when he was just a toddler was the last time my lens focused on him, so when Mom said 'we are overdue for images!' I was thrilled. And them I found out BAM! another tiny human also was in the mix now as well.

Love revisiting families... come take a peek inside and out of their home for this weekday mini session....