project gratitude

project gratitude {september | october} | jennifer tonetti-spellman, Westchester County Children's Photographer

With the passing of my Grandmother Josephine on October 4th, my eyes are even more wide open to the gratitude project as the end of the year of gratitude draws near.

When someone dies, it truly teaches us how to live...

These past two months I have been grateful for: music in schools, father/daughter dances, independence, porch dancing/night dancing/hall dancing all without care, sewing (her love of it and my attempt at it!), Fall, comforting moments, Sunday morning walks in pajamas, kite flying, their own version of 'sibling love', holidays that make you feel like a kid again, dedication to education, walks to school, signs from loved ones past, and devotion to art .

My gratitude moment of the month was that I had 42 years with my Grandmother on earth. When she passed in October at the age of 92, one must be grateful God let her stay with us for so long...

May we all be as blessed to live such an amazing life, touch so many, and teach lessons that matter.

project gratitude {august} new home edition | JellyBean Pictures Westchester County NY + NYC Children's Photographer.


Well, the whole darn month deserves to be devoted to the search of our home being over.

We ended up in the town we wanted after loving it so much this past year as we 'tested' it via our rental.

The gratitude my husband, myself and Emma feel on a near daily basis since we moved in just two weeks ago is as sweet as sugar.

This house is so rich with history we are so excited to add to it in the coming years... here's some of my fave shots at at the house we made a home in August kicking it off with our final night shot of us bursting with excitement {ok me the most it appears!}

Out with the old...

and into our new.

project gratitude {july} | JellyBean Pictures Westchester NY + NYC Children's Photographer

Break of dawn morning walks with Skip, a fantastically fun camp a carnival {where she is NOT her mother's daughter and loves rides} and the pool slide conquered.  Cousins and sleepovers and my quiet morning moment with the cats before anyone in the house is up. Everyday moments with our little girl, my parents, conquering her fear of going under water, and loving music. Lounging on the dock, summertime treats and road trips to visit friends that result in the resurrection of a nose piercing :).

I'm illustrating what I was most thankful for in July as told via my phone and dslr.

And of course the biggest gratitude moment of the month, dare I say year? Closing on a new home {cue massive screaming and jumping up and down}.  Our beautiful, historic home we have searched for high and low in a town we adore? Blessed.

July, you treated me just fine.  Thank you.

project gratitude {june} | JellyBean Pictures Westchester County NY + NYC Children's Photographer

A year of gratitude in pictures {previous months can be found at my former blog here.}

Included: chaperoning my first school trip, photographing spirit day, observing her kick like a pro after being born with hip dysplasia, her love of reading, her partner in crime, Daddy's girl, film grain, 'internet love' from Mozi, non--electronic play, our Montauk vacation with both rain fun and sunny skies fun and more.

These are the things I was most grateful for in June.