I've had the opportunity to share my work and my tips + tricks with the photography community through various platforms in both online and print.  See a sampling below..

published | featured.

national geographic | top shot

top 100 photographers to watch in 2015 | clickin' moms

utilizing shadows + light {Mozi Magazine- Lighting Issue} 

pinhole press monthly series | 2014.

how not to be annoying when filming your family | creative window light | taking better iPhone images | getting in the frame and more. Click HERE to see them all!

shooting | editing tutorials.

utilizing indoor light

natural smiles (inspired my manual {don't} say cheese)

cloudy day photography

shooting to tell a story

shooting self portraits with your iPhone   

using the patch tool in Photoshop  

dramatic edits in Lightroom

intro to street photography{part 1}

intro to street photography {part 2}

scouting for locations {part 1}

scouting for locations {part 2}

capturing holiday card images

business tutorials.

selling in-home sessions to clients

to sell or not sell digital images

business mistakes to avoid just starting out

top 5 branding mistakes



Rock the Shot INTERVIEW

Project 12 INTERVIEW


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