This past year I joined forces with the insanely talented Summer Murdock Photography, and we launched a new online school called Illuminate.

We have pooled our years of teaching experience together to create something fresh + new for you and build a community of like-minded artists and students who are constantly looking to improve and grow.

I will be teaching Coming Home, my new business class catering to those that want to move their business exclusively to the in-home market and Rewind 2.0 my insecurity crushing, 'rise up' class designed to get you back on track to creating the art you love at Illuminate.

In addition to my classes at Illuminate, I will be offering the following private, one on one mentoring opportunities for 2017.  These programs are designed to not be a one size fits all. I will mentor you on the area you need help in and have provided various pricepoints based on your overall needs:

1 Hour 1 Topic (video)

Pick a topic: shooting/pricing/marketing etc. Submit to me all you wish to know on the topic via questions/images/pricing etc. (whatever we are working on and you need help on regarding that topic) and I will email you a feedback video with all tips/critiques/guidance etc.


1 Hour 1 Topic (live) 

(same as above only we do it live together via Skype)


Mini Mentoring 

1.5 hour live Skype addressing what you want to learn more about, followed by two weeks of assignments with video feedback on the assignments and a 1/2 hour Skype wrap up Skype in week 3.


Full Mentoring 

This is a soup to nuts mentoring where we cover everything from website review/social media review, to pricing (if in business) to shooting to editing to marketing to client relations (if in business). This is an intensive 4 week program with an initial (2-3) hour Skype meeting followed by three weeks of assignments and video feedback. On the 4th week we come together again for a wrap up 1 hour Skype.


Contact me at to find out more/reserve your spot.

Please note: Due to time constraints only limited mentoring opportunities are available for 2017.  First come are first served.