This past year I joined forces with the insanely talented Summer Murdock Photography, and we launched a new online school called Illuminate.

Two years ago, Summer Murdock and I pooled our years of teaching experience together to create something fresh + new for you and build a community of like-minded artists and students who are constantly looking to improve and grow.  Hence, Illuminate Classes was born.

I teach multiple classes at the school including Coming Home, a business class catering to those that want to move their business exclusively to the in-home market, Street Smart, a guide to learning the basics of street photography and The Business of Photography as business class geared towards all genres of photography.

In addition to my classes at Illuminate, I will be offering the following private, one on one mentoring opportunities for 2018.  These programs are designed to not be a one size fits all. I will mentor you on the area you need help in and have provided various price-points based on your overall needs:

1 Hour 1 Topic (video) | 150.

Pick a topic: shooting/pricing/marketing etc. Submit to me all you wish to know on the topic via questions/images/pricing etc. (whatever we are working on and you need help on regarding that topic) and I will email you a feedback video with all tips/critiques/guidance etc.

1 Hour 1 Topic (live)  | 200.

(same as above only we do it live together via Skype)

Mini Mentoring  | 650.

1.5 hour live Skype addressing what you want to learn more about, followed by two weeks of assignments with video feedback on the assignments and a 1/2 hour Skype wrap up Skype in week 3.

Full Mentoring | 1600.

This is a soup to nuts mentoring where we cover everything from website review/social media review, to pricing (if in business) to shooting to editing to marketing to client relations (if in business). This is an intensive 4 week program with an initial (2-3) hour Skype meeting followed by three weeks of assignments and video feedback. On the 4th week we come together again for a wrap up 1 hour Skype.

Contact me at to find out more/reserve your spot.

Please note: Due to time constraints only limited mentoring opportunities are available for 2018.  First come are first served.